Show notes for Episode 5:  School’s Out???

Part 1: National: lack of effective leadership re: Covid-19

Part 2: Concerns and Issues in Oregon: CDL (Comprehensive Distance Learning)

Part 3: Local Questions, Options and Unknowns

Georgia problems

Georgia high school with positive tests after no masking, crowding

FL playing politics with opening

John Hopkins Univ going fully remote

97000 Children in US test positive

Covid-19 Oregon weekly report (8/5/2020)

Contact tracers – #s in Oregon

Excellent article from Canada on what is needed to reopen schools

Contact tracers – #s in Oregon

Teacher/parent point of view

Nurse with teacher husband’s pov

Amy Fast podcast interview

Yamhill County Covid cases rising–1596823265–37874–

Plans for schools in Yamhill county–1596559181–37822–

McMinnville School District

Newberg School District

Chehalem Online Academy

Yamhill Carlton School District Alliance Academy

Alliance Academy (YCSD)

Sheridan School District

Kahn Academy (non profit/ free online education)

Rethinking education

Betsy Devos and privatization of our schools

Why not a national response?


“Inspirational Outlook” by

“Stomps and Claps” by

“Indie Rock” by

“The Final Journey Home” by


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