Show notes for Episode 9

Part 1: Mayor Hill’s employment background, civic engagement

Part 2: Mac-Town2032, economic development, housing/land issues

Part 3: Taxation, inclusion, leadership 

In Part 1, Mayor Hill summarizes his employment history, as well as his extensive involvement with community organizations, boards, and state wide non-profits (including McMinnville Downtown Association, McMinnville Chamber of Commerce, United Way of Yamhill County, Library Foundation, Oregon Partnership, American Lung Association). He also summarizes his work in McMinnville government, starting in 1994 when he was asked to join the budget committee. He also talks about liveability

In Part 2, Mayor Hill lays out 6 priority areas for McMinnville (jobs, safety, livability, equity/diversity/inclusion, taxes, partnerships); he discusses the city’s recent Strategic Plan, economic development, and the issue of supply and demand relating to land, housing and the UGB.

In Part 3, the Mayor discusses myths about taxation, some of what the city has done and is planning to do relating to inclusion and diversity issues, and also some of the steps the city has take toward more equitable policing. Finally, he talks about a few things people can do to support his campaign for re-election.


McMinnville City Council

Scott Hill – campaign website

Mac-Town2032 (Strategic Plan)

McMinnville News Register endorsement–1602264646–38376–editorials


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