We are a married couple who has lived in the Pacific Northwest since 1993, and in Yamhill county since 2002.

We are both educated professionals with backgrounds in environmental science, GIS, anthropology and music.

We settled in Oregon because we loved the climate and the ecology, and the forward-thinking land use laws that ensured that farm land was protected from unchecked development. Coming from southern California where we witness first hand how the lack of planning led to suburban sprawl, endless mini-malls, and habitat loss, we loved that Oregon’s leaders in the 1970s had the forethought to protect farm and forest land.

From 2000 to 2018 we ran a small farm business. We also worked to restore the land which had been subjected to overgrazing and poor management. We partnered with government agencies to reforest the riparian zones and to protect habitat for endangered and threatened species.

We love living in Oregon and in Yamhill county, and we have strong roots here, with many friends who are family to us, and a thriving small business. We are committed to supporting progressive candidates and progressive values, and we invite you to listen to our podcast to broaden your knowledge about how these values can strengthen our community.

progressive values:






In late 2016 a group of local community members, concerned about the 2016 election and the direction our country was heading, came together to create an informal group to support progressive goals. This group has worked hard to share information, support progressive causes and candidates, and encourage and assist work done to promote progressive values in Yamhill county. However, much more can be done to amplify these voices.

amplify (verb):

to make larger or greater (as in amount, importance, or intensity)

to increase the strength or amount of especially : to make louder


we are hosting a bi-weekly podcast which will include:

  • a summary of relevant national news, and local impacts
  • issues specific to our county
  • summaries of local city and/or county meetings
  • interviews with candidates, business owners, local leaders and others working for progressive change in our county
  • information about related events